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I used it to test how random entropy gets exhausted with different secure 
random configurations on different platforms. I tend to agree that it is not 
needed anymore because the result of these experiments have been captured 
MG>which codebase duplicates this tool?

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MG>Before its lost can u copy to github ?

2018-02-12 0:41 GMT+01:00 Uwe Schindler 

in Solr's Core test class is a file "SecureRandomAlgorithmTesterApp.java" in 
the default package. It is also compiled, but not used anywhere. It does not 
appear in Javadocs (as it's test only), but the updated weekly OpenClover 
coverage report list it as a completely untested class file in the default 
package. I'd like to delete it unless there is a use-case for it. Maybe let's 
move it into a package, if it's of use. It seems to be a command line program 
to test some SecureRandomConfigs in the JVM.

It was added by: SOLR-10338: Configure SecureRandom non blocking for tests 
(Mark Miller). I think it was just some testing when SecureRandom support was 
added and got accidentally committed to source tree.


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