You should configure GIT to use UNIX line endings. That’s what I have in mind. 
Otherwise precommit works fine on Windows. No idea what you problem could be.





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ant precommit is usually broken on windows whenever I try to run it, usually 
because of some failure checking Solr doc sources.


I raised this issue a few months back and it got fixed briefly but only very 
briefly.  ant precommit is essentially not an option for Windows developers at 
this time.





On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 5:47 AM, Ignacio Vera Sequeiros <iv...@eso.org 
<mailto:iv...@eso.org> > wrote:

Sorry about that!


It is fixed now.  


I am pushing the commit from a windows machine and ant precommit is broken on 
windows. I did something silly when moving the patch to this computer.


I surely need to improve this procedure! :)




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Subject: ivy-versions broken in e3032dd3fcc 


Ignacio, I think you broke ivy-versions on master with your latest
commit. I'd fix it, but for some reasons branch_7x seems to be fine so
it wasn't a cherry pick -- please see into it (and run ant precommit
before you push! :).


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