On 4/13/2018 5:28 AM, sandesh.yapuram wrote:
> I have an application that uses lucene indexes and we generate a single
> index for all data.
> I want to take a weekly *local* backup of the index quitely and
> asynchronously.

Jan is correct that this mailing list isn't the right place for your

Here's an idea, though:

If your program is running on an OS and filesystem that supports hard
links (Linux being a prime example), one thing you can do is make a
hardlink copy of your index directory, and then copy from that hardlink
copy to a backup location.

Making hardlink copies is near-instant process, and once it's made, you
can continue to update the index while you are making a backup of the
hardlink copy.  Then once your backup is made, delete the hardlink copy.

If you're on Windows or another OS that doesn't readily support hard
links, you could look into how Solr creates backups of Lucene indexes
for SolrCloud.  All that source code is available -- it's in the same
source repository as Lucene.


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