Simon Willnauer created LUCENE-8255:

             Summary: Can we make index sorting work for soft deletes
                 Key: LUCENE-8255
             Project: Lucene - Core
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Simon Willnauer

I phrased this as a question since it's mainly a discussion. I spoke to 
[~rcmuir] on a couple of occasions about making index sorting work for soft 
deletes. The issue that prevents this is that soft deletes use updateable DV to 
mark docs as deleted. This basically means that a sorted segment is not 
guaranteed to be sorted if it has received any updates. This also means that 
sorting such a segment on merge has a significant overhead. (I hope [~jimczi] 
can shed some light on it how much we would have to expect). We also need to 
add some special casing since we use "merge sorting" and can't go backwards in 
doc ID which would be violated if a segment received updates. (cc [~jpountz])

The main purpose of doing this is that "soft deleted" documents would either be 
at the end or in the beginning of the segment such that compression is better 
if these docs have larger retention policies. 

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