Cassandra, can you please try editing the JIRA config to re-order
Environment below Description?  I suppose Atlassian chose the current order
because it matches the order it's seen when viewing the issue, which makes
sense but I don't mind sacrificing that -- whatever it takes to diminish

IMO it also is only suitable for a "bug" and not other issue types.

We also don't use "Sprint"; can you remove that?

Scope creep.... ok and these Lucene Fields, two checkboxes, New and Patch
Available... I just don't think we really use this but I should raise this

On Fri, Jun 8, 2018 at 2:52 PM Steve Rowe <> wrote:

> +1 to try to fix the form ourselves, thanks Cassandra.  I think putting
> Description above Environment will do the trick.  (I just created an issue
> and put the description in the environment field…)
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> Steve
> > On Jun 8, 2018, at 8:44 AM, Cassandra Targett <>
> wrote:
> >
> > I've been debating saying something about this too - I think it happened
> when INFRA added some text to direct users to use the mailing list or IRC
> if they really have a support question instead of a bug (INFRA-16507).
> >
> > The most basic solution is a simple re-ordering of the form, which in
> JIRA is really easy to do. We could put the environment field near the
> bottom and if someone is paying attention to the form and wants to fill it
> in, fine, but the rest of us can get at the most commonly used/needed
> fields quicker.
> >
> > As I was writing that I thought I'd refresh my memory of where screen
> editing is done in JIRA, and it looks like those of us with committer
> status have access to edit that form. So we can solve this quickly, and
> probably we can do it on our own without asking INFRA.
> >
> > If we come to consensus on either burying or removing the field, I'd be
> happy to be the one that makes the change.
> >
> > On Fri, Jun 8, 2018 at 7:24 AM David Smiley <>
> wrote:
> > Many of us have accidentally added a long-form description of our JIRA
> issues into the Environment field of JIRA instead of the Description.  I
> think we can agree this is pretty annoying.  It seems to have been
> happening more lately with a change to JIRA that for whatever reason has
> made it more visually tempting to start typing there.  I want to arrange
> for some sort of fix with infra.  I'm willing to work with them to explore
> what can be done.  But what should we propose infra do exactly?  I'd like
> to get a sense of that here with our community first.
> >
> > IMO, I don't think a dedicated Environment input field is useful when
> someone could just as easily type anything pertinent into the description
> field of a bug report.  Less input fields means a simpler JIRA UI -- a good
> thing IMO.  But since it's been used in the past, it may be impossible to
> actually remove it while keeping the text on old issues.  Nonetheless I'm
> ambivalent if it were to be outright removed and others here want this
> since I think it's of such low value that data loss wouldn't bother me.
> >
> > Can it be retained as a purely read-only on display but otherwise can't
> edit? I'd like that.
> >
> > Perhaps the path of least change and thus "safest" path is for it to be
> removed from the "Create Issue" screen, yet retain it on other screens for
> those that are fans of adding/editing it?
> >
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