This merits a JIRA issue - things should not behave this way, that’s for sure.

Please create one, attach the ZK:/autoscaling.json and the output of 
`/admin/collections?action=CLUSTERSTATUS` and the outputs from 
/autoscaling/suggestions and /autoscaling/diagnostics - you can anonymize 
actual node names as long as the data stays consistent (ie. the same node names 
across all files).

See also SOLR-13155.

> On 18 Jan 2019, at 20:27, Gus Heck <> wrote:
> I'm a little worried about the state of Autoscaling. It looks like it has the 
> potential to create bad first experiences. Granted 8.0 isn't supposed to be 
> stable, but I'm seeing things that were documented for 7.6 not working in 8x
> TLDR:  
>       • Default settings didn't distribute nodes evenly on brand new 50 node 
> cluster
>       • Can't seem to write rules producing suggestions to distribute them 
> evenly
>       • Suggestions are made that then fail despite quiet cluster, no changes.
> Long version:
> My Client and I did something that seems very vanilla but it didn't work out 
> well, and the observed behavior contradicts what's published in 
> with respect to default core placement. 
> The cluster is a 50 node AWS cluster that was freshly set up by a client to 
> test out 8.0.0 (8.0.0-SNAPSHOT 69cbe29e78c400db22aab2f918405ce627d2d65d - 
> solr - 2019-01-11 15:41:35).
> They created a collection (A) with 50 shards, one replica each (total of50 
> cores). They specified maxShardsPerNode=1, and nothing relating to 
> autoscaling. They indexed a small amount of data in (33438861 docs is small 
> for them) for initial testing. They then handed it over to me, and not yet 
> noticing anything wrong with it I added a second collection (B) similarly 
> configured but with schema changes for comparison. However, I noticed at that 
> point that the nodes page was showing a very strange result for this 
> seemingly vanilla set of steps. Most nodes got one core of each collection, 
> but not all:
> Node 1 got 2 cores from A
> Node 2 got 0 cores
> Node 8 got 3 cores from B
> Node 21 got 2 cores from A and 1 from B
> I've spent all morning fiddling with rules to try to get a configuration that 
> provides suggestions via /api/cluster/autoscaling/suggestions to equalize 
> things and I just can't do it. In particular I can't ever get any suggestion 
> to move anything to node 2. It's as if autoscaling is missing/unable to see 
> node 2. A couple of times I got suggestions with green buttons in the UI 
> (mostly I'm using Postman however)... when I clicked the green button it 
> erred out saying no-node can satisfy.... Nothing's changing, no data incoming 
> so why is it suggesting things that don't work?
> When I look at /autoscaling/diagnostics I get this seemingly impossible 
> result:
>             {
>                 "node": "",
>                 "isLive": true,
>                 "cores": 2,
>                 "freedisk": 140.03918838500977,
>                 "totaldisk": 147.5209503173828,
>                 "replicas": {}
>             },
> 2 cores but no replicas? I looked on disk and there's no data on disk 
> representing a core.
> -Gus
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