GitHub user NightOwl888 opened a pull request:

    Ported Misc (mostly), Suggest, and Memory

    This pull request contains Lucene.Net.Misc, Lucene.Net.Suggest, and 
Lucene.Net.Memory. There is also some cleanup of the compiler warnings in 
Analysis/QueryParser as well as renaming the QueryParser namespace to 
QueryParsers to avoid naming collisions with classes named QueryParser (similar 
to the Document namespace being Documents).
    Note that this pull request contains the commits from #185 (which has 
already been reviewed), so you should pull that one first so you don't have to 
review the same thing twice. 
    Current Status
    40 tests passing/42
    #### 2 Failing Tests
    1. Misc.Document.TestLazy() - The document is returning exactly (values * 
fields). The test [expects (values * fields) + 
 Without knowing what the +1 is supposed to represent, this is a wild goose 
chase. Any ideas?
    2. Misc.Index.Sorter.TestEarlyTerminationDifferentSorter() - This test 
fails before it gets to the class under test due to a bug somewhere in the 
core. It fails about 15-20% of the time, but since the test is setup to run at 
least 5 times, the test fails about 90% of the time. I am unable to make it 
fail with manual input, so it is hard to figure out which random iteration will 
fail. The cause is a null reference exception due to the priority Queue being 
all nulls (its initial state). The UpdateBottom() method sets the Bottom member 
variable to null, and then the [code tries to access 
 So, apparently some call is missing to update the priority queue and/or 
something is misbehaving and clearing it out. If I catch the exception, or put 
a null check before accessing the value (defaulting to 0), then the test 
passes. It seems like that null safety check s
 hould be there - or was the null check left out intentionally in Java to make 
it blow up when the PQ is empty?
    #### Not Yet Ported
    The Misc.Store directory. There is some C++ code in there for native 
Windows, Unix and Posix directories. I am not sure it makes any sense to port 
    140 tests passing/141
    #### 1 Failing Test
    1. Suggest.Analyzing.AnalyzingSuggesterTest.TestRandom() - The random test 
fails when the [numQueries 
 is greater than 1 and passes when it is set to 1. It appears that the all of 
the input passes all the way through without being filtered. However, it is 
unclear if the problem is 
 or in FST. Unfortunately, the same number of records always comes out of that 
function that go in, but it is not clear whether that is what is supposed to 
happen and the filtering is done elsewhere, or if that is the part that is 
failing. It would be helpful to know what piece is supposed to filter the 
    10 tests passing/10

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    This closes #186
commit c67366fd4b383c31971a8ae68b458dec7aee2d7f
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-05T14:25:35Z

    Setup InternalsVisibleTo Lucene.Net.Core <- Lucene.Net.Tests for testing.

commit b56ebc22bb06fddc941b467d8310cfd735e5f9e9
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-06T06:17:13Z

    Setup InternalsVisibleTo Lucene.Net.TestFramework <- Lucene.Net.Tests for 

commit 243ada716c47dafeaf8d2aa39c9ebd8f4c0e8bd7
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-05T11:21:23Z

    Fixed bugs in FST that were causing test failures and Debug.Assert failures 
in Misc.Util.Fst.

commit 9a562204f973b8380ead3ed89fc3ee527fa904a9
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-05T12:21:45Z

    Ported Core.Util.Fst.TestBytesStore

commit 297f92653a0e8e64c25b171444ca18f0387f190a
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-06T07:18:19Z

    .NETify FST: Public member names should be PascalCase.

commit 3da18fb7d9101d42fedc5932fb22afc7254c52a4
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-06T11:55:43Z

    Ported Core.Util.Fst.TestFSTs

commit 5effb005955f357825cb9447f186b221a8d63cb7
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-06T19:01:26Z

    Ported Core.Util.Packed.TestPackedInts

commit 510413ce4b99d15a79a70d876e5f89ca657dc193
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T09:18:17Z

    .NETify FST: Changed Final, Last, Compiled, and Reversed() to IsFinal, 
IsLast, IsCompiled, and IsReversed to make it clear that they are boolean 

commit dfa23109cbe204fa9339e7d4ab23f854c18b46c9
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T09:49:13Z

    Removed duplicate (hidden) class definitions in FST.

commit b8db797ba917041dabe034e3ddf5960dd14fc04a
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T10:28:33Z

    .NETify FST: Private/protected fields should be camelCase.

commit 18f84437970c1cc0d16312952a4e6726d35f97df
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T10:30:10Z

    .NETify FST: Interfaces should start with "I"

commit 3994051b243f9e4a39cdda107ac8c6d1d68a78e2
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T11:07:43Z

    Moved BytesRefFSTEnum<T>.InputOutput<T> and 
IntsRefFSTEnum<T>.InputOutput<T> classes into non-generic classes with the same 
name so we don't need to specify the generic type twice.

commit 0ccb5b65809ad6b341b3b04fcdfb43c58e53aff5
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T11:17:58Z

    Normalized FST license headers

commit 01e903b1022cf13d708d8c1b5502047ebf704459
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T20:11:08Z

    Refactored FST class to disallow the verbose and confusing FST<T>.Arc<T> 
syntax, favoring FST.Arc<T>.

commit 8617aa9997568d9fc72743f68784b60f9d2ddbd2
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T17:06:47Z

    Fixed infinite recursion issue and key not found bugs in the FSTTester

commit d807eeba7a8cdbb3efc54a00e12312ea0f11b308
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T17:46:08Z

    Core.Util.Fst.TestFSTs: Fixed infinite recursion bug in TestRealTerms(). 
Use Environment.TickCount rather than DateTime.Now.Millisecond when doing time 
sensitive testing.

commit 32e2105bba349544c3166d30f664ef7edd219a3a
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T19:19:29Z

    TestFSTs: Added LongRunningTest and Ignore attributes for applicable tests.

commit ef889cebdeaa180d0bb232afd8e5ab3865cd41bc
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-07T22:23:58Z

    Fixed issue with SortedSet not being emptied in Core.Util.Fst.Util, and 
added thread safety, since SortedSet doesn't have the necessary atomic 

commit b1203e6b4cb9551fe09999114890e74e77cb6937
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T10:53:32Z

    Ported StressRamUsageEstimator & TestRamUsageEstimator + fixed bugs in 

commit 878080dcd9d7aa5d705e8fce6d3d6cdad20dfeff
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T10:55:00Z

    Added timeout to long running test (~45 sec) in 

commit 0c2f5ae9a89eb29ce35835773e308235a5a91579
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T17:02:22Z

    Ported Core.Util.TestIdentityHashSet + fixed bugs in 

commit 3b18a74a95c21ee4174fcd87c16bea5fe05d6752
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T19:22:30Z

    Ported Core.Util.TestWeakIdentityMap (partially)

commit e659c99328f5cfd7089166ec6ed30fd98294905e
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T19:23:03Z

    Fixed String.Format bug in Core.Util.NamedThreadFactory

commit e9e4425adbf39d70153c4888929820b4468d8dda
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T19:43:25Z

    Ported Core.TestDemo

commit 2c3dbc639d30c39807ffdcbf0edc1689bd64b19f
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T20:09:02Z

    Ported Core.TestSearch

commit 0e77936c82232bbcea94dcc1f59e98fc7961fa6a
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T20:19:31Z

    Ported Core.TestSearchForDuplicates

commit f4819a3e4902fd7c257f70068e511145cbc031e4
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T20:59:31Z

    Ported Core.TestExternalCodes + fixed bugs that were preventing it from 

commit 4b4485bee1984f66c871418fc7266453c96e1095
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T21:08:30Z

    Moved tests from namespace Lucene.Net.Document to Lucene.Net.Documents so 
we don't have conflicts with the Document type and cleaned up headers.

commit c031b600cf3fe1bb44754a65384d20008dcdfc90
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T21:17:21Z

    Ported Core.TestMergeSchedulerExternal

commit 202c06875743cdec1ba2d8903ee3337479f65354
Author: Shad Storhaug <>
Date:   2016-09-10T22:28:54Z

    Finished implementing ignored 


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