Github user jingyimei commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: src/ports/postgres/modules/utilities/text_utilities.sql_in ---
    @@ -74,175 +81,231 @@ tasks related to text.
         Flag to indicate if a vocabulary is to be created. If TRUE, an 
         output table is created containing the vocabulary of all words, with 
an id
         assigned to each word. The table is called 
    -    (suffix added to the <em>output_table</em> name) and contains the
    +    (i.e., suffix added to the <em>output_table</em> name) and contains the
         following columns:
    -        - \c wordid: An id assignment for each word
    -        - \c word: The word/term
    +        - \c wordid: An id for each word.
    --- End diff --
    We can mention it is in alphabetic ordering.


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