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    --- Diff: 
src/ports/postgres/modules/utilities/minibatch_preprocessing.sql_in ---
    @@ -91,6 +92,22 @@ minibatch_preprocessor(
        When this value is NULL, no grouping is used and a single preprocessing 
        is performed for the whole data set.
    +  <dt>one_hot_encode_int_dep_var (optional)</dt>
    +  <dd> BOOLEAN. default: FALSE.
    +  A flag to decide whether to one-hot encode dependent variables that are
    +scalar integers. This parameter is ignored if the dependent variable is 
not a
    +scalar integer.
    +@note The mini-batch preprocessor automatically encodes
    +dependent variables that are boolean and character types such as text, 
char and
    +varchar.  However, scalar integers are a special case because they can be 
    +in both classification and regression problems, so you must tell the 
    +preprocessor whether you want to encode them or not. In the case that you 
    +already encoded the dependent variable yourself,  you can ignore this 
    +Also, if you want to encode float values for some reason, cast them to text
    --- End diff --
    +1 for the explanation.


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