I'm interested in collaborating with Mahout project and I've followed the
process to build Mahout from the source and so far it looks like everything
is working well.

Then I jumped into your JIRA board and it looks like you need some help to
organize that part. Simple things I saw which could be organized like:

  - Tickets with pull requests available but not linked to the ticket
  - Tickets with status "open" and assigned by people (probably the default
when we create tickets)
  - Sprint from 2016 still open with no content inside
  - Sprint name not matching with initial/end date
  - and so on...

I really like this part of organizing things and I believe I can start help
on that. But to help you with this I need a specific access to JIRA (more
than a simple user that can just create tickets and put comments).

Let me know what you think and if you need more information to trust me on


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