Sounds Good.  I'll put out a proposal for the release, and we can go Over it 
and vote if we want to on releasing or on the scope.  I'm +1 on it.

Broad strokes of what I'm thinking:

- Checkout a new branch "features/multi-artifact-build-22xx" from master @ the 
`mahout-0.13.0` release tag.

- Revert master back to release tag.

- Checkout a new `develop` branch from master @the `mahout-0.13.0` release tag.

- Cherrypick any commits that we'd like to release (E.g.: SparseSpeedup) onto 
`develop` (along with a PR ad a ticket).

- Merge `develop` to `master`, run through Smoke tests, tag master @ 
`mahout-0.13.1`(automatically), and release.

This will also get us to more of a git-flow workflow, as we've discussed moving 

Thoughts @all?


From: Pat Ferrel <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 2:53:58 PM
To: Andrew Palumbo;
Subject: Re: Spark 2.x/scala 2.11.x release

big +1

If you are planning to branch off the 0.13.0 tag let me know, I have a speedup 
that is in my scala 2.11 fork of 0.13.0 that needs to be released

From: Andrew Palumbo <><>
Date: February 28, 2018 at 11:16:12 AM
Subject:  Spark 2.x/scala 2.11.x release

After some offline discussion regarding people's needs for Spark and 2.x and 
Scala 2.11.x, I am wondering If we should just consider a release for 2.x and 
2.11.x as the default. We could release from the current master, or branch back 
off of the 0.13.0 tag, and release that with the upgraded defaults, and branch 
our current multi-artifact build off as a feature. Any thoughts on this?


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