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IJRDO is an open access and peer review journal which invites all researcher to 
publish their research online in various fields like engineering, business, 
management, science, pharmaceutical and many more.

You can send paper us at: submiss...@ijrdo.org<mailto:submiss...@ijrdo.org>
You can submit your CV to join our editorial board.
Authors will be informed regarding the decision of their manuscript in 5-7 
working days. A paper will be published in next issue of journal.
Normally the paper are published on last date of the month. We also offer hard 
copy on special request of authors. Hard copy shall be sent to author within 15 
working days after publishing the paper online.
Our journals List:-
Journal of Applied Science. ISSN: 2455-6653
Journal of Business Management. ISSN: 2455-6661
Journal of Biological Science. ISSN: 2455-7676
Journal of Agricultural and Research. ISSN: 2455-7668
Journal of Mathematics. ISSN: 2455-9210
Journal of Applied Management Science. ISSN: 2455-9229
Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. ISSN: 2456-1479
Journal of Computer Science Engineering. ISSN: 2456-1843
Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing. ISSN: 2456-298X
Journal of Educational Research. ISSN: 2456-2947
Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research. ISSN: 2456-2971
Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Feel free to contact us for any query at 
For more details please visit our website: www.ijrdo.org<http://www.ijrdo.org/>

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International Journal of Research & Development Organisation

Website:  http://www.ijrdo.org/

Email Id: edi...@ijrdo.org<mailto:edi...@ijrdo.org>

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