Those of you with long memories may remember that Jacqueline asked me to
become co-lead of the Marketing Project in April 2004. One of my first
tasks was to compile a strategy for the MP, which was published at OOoCon
2004 as "The Strategic Marketing Plan 2005-2010". I then
became Lead in May 2006, with the SMP as my bible.

We have now reached the magic year 2010, and I feel it is time for the MP
to benefit from fresh leadership. Since June 2007 I have had tremendous
support from Florian as my co-Lead, and I would like to recommend him to
you as the right person to lead the MP from 2010 onwards.

As we're entering a busy period (3.2 to launch, OOoCon 2011 to award,
MS-Office 2010 to compete with..) I have offered to stay on as co-Lead
until Florian finds co-Lead(s) to help him.

OOo's procedures state: "Transitioning from one Project Lead to another is
almost always a graceful and smooth affair. The Project Lead or leads are
encouraged to nominate their successors, who must be members of the
project, and hold a plebiscite on the primary public mail list."

So, I would ask you all to confirm whether you are happy to endorse this
change of Lead, and if so, please welcome Florian and give him your
support as he takes up this challenging position.

John McCreesh - Marketing Project Lead -
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