the issue is not to merge blindly any request: it is to check the content, if 
it is not too specific to a user, if there is IT, etc...

then if you'd like to help, yes, we're interested to help you become a 
committer: you'll need to gain merit by taking a PR, check that it looks ok to 
you then tell us if we're in sync with you

once we've seen that we're always ok with you, you'll have earned sufficient 
merit for us to make you committer = you'll get commit access to do the 
commits yourself, ie pass from RTC to CTR - Review Then Commit to Commit Then 
Review (in fact, you'll Review Then Commit requests from the occasionnal patch 
providers, without needing another Review Then Commit step from committers)

Is it ok?
What PR do you want to start with?



Le jeudi 13 octobre 2016 08:31:19 pabloa98 a écrit :
> I ll be happy to help committing those patches in other repository. How
> could I get write access to it. Any suggestion?
> On Oct 8, 2016 2:39 AM, "Robert Scholte" <> wrote:
> Hi,
> it is not possible to merge these pullrequests at github, it is a read-only
> clone. And in case of the plugins, they are still in a subversion
> repository for a reason.
> Personally I only look at Jira[1] for issues. If there's an issue referring
> to a github pullrequest, that's the time to have a look at those requests.
> Robert
> [1]
> On Sat, 08 Oct 2016 01:07:06 +0200, pabloa98 <> wrote:
> Hello
> > displays 18 pull requests.
> > some of them so old like 2011.
> > 
> > Is maven plugin project alive? Or should we move to gradle? :)
> > 
> > Pablo
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