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> Hi,
> We have collectively managed to mess up our ability to follow the original
> release plan for 3.4.0 which was originally supposed to consist of an
> effective no-op change of Eclipse's Aether for the code after migration to
> Apache's Maven Resolver plus some other orthogonal changes around logging
> colourization and launcher script bug fixes.
> Given that some developer private builds of the current master branch have
> been shared with as 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT. More critically, JIRA issues have been
> closed with a fixed version of 3.4.0.
> For us to release a 3.4.0 with those fixes reverted, could cause confusion
> with our user community.
> Additionally the informal practice of keeping existing integration tests
> as RTC has not been followed, leading to some people to question whether
> the integration tests remain valid.
> For all the above reasons it is proposed to do *all* the following as an
> whole:
> 1. In git://git.apache.org/maven.git we will rename the current master
> branch to `pre-reset-master` and recreate `master` as
> bce33aa2662a51d18cb00347cf2fb174dc195fb1 (https://github.com/apache/
> maven/commit/bce33aa2662a51d18cb00347cf2fb174dc195fb1)
> 2. In git://git.apache.org/maven-integration-testing.git we will rename
> the current master branch to `pre-reset-master` and recreate `master` as
> f31241ad6cb6474e559289f1bd7110ea5d5a4fba (https://github.com/apache/
> maven-integration-testing/commit/f31241ad6cb6474e559289f1bd7110ea5d5a4fba)
> 3. In git://git.apache.org/maven-resolver.git we will rename the current
> master branch to `pre-reset-master` and recreate `master` as
> b74f7a1e8837875b4780199f644119f55d22465d (https://github.com/apache/
> maven-resolver/commit/b74f7a1e8837875b4780199f644119f55d22465d), i.e. the
> 1.0.x branch
> We will then proceed to have (ideally) the original committers cherry-pick
> (and tidy up an squash... if the original committers are not able to assist
> then squashing may not be practicable) those changes that have been agreed
> for 3.5.0 as summarized on the https://cwiki.apache.org/
> confluence/display/MAVEN/Roadmap+2017 wiki page (authorative source of
> the decisions summarized in the wiki page is the mail thread:
> https://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/maven-dev/201612.mbox/%3CCA%
> 2BnPnMxERdjJq5ChMNP-HN_AvZOs8sm7Ud5aVcEza0BPnm5ZOw%40mail.gmail.com%3E ).
> As this involves a --force push on the `master` branch, we want to get the
> approval of the committers before continuing.
> The vote will be open for at least 72 hours.
> The vote will be decided by a simple majority of valid votes cast. There
> is no veto.
> The vote is open to all committers.
> In addition, for the vote to be valid, there must be at least 3x+1 votes
> from PMC members
> [ ] +1: Yes
> [ ] 0:
> [ ] -1: No

This vote has passed:

+1: Stephen C, Anders H, Andreas G., Igor F, Robert S, Benson M, Manfred M,
Michael O, Christian S, Guillaume B, Tibor D, Arnaud H, Stephane N, Hervé
B, Karl H M, Olivier L, Dan T.

I will now proceed with the agreed actions.

Once the reset has been performed I will send a mail to the announce list.

I request that all changes are verified as passing the tests on
https://builds.apache.org/job/maven-jenkinsfile/ before we merge (if you
create a branch with a Jenkinsfile in the root, then the branch should be
picked up and built within 15 minutes (though the build takes closer to 2h
as it runs the tests on unix and windows with java 7 and 8)

One feature per branch is my recommendation, and let's try and get
agreement before we merge each branch


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