Hi to all,

I have taken a deeper look into the issue to remove the installation of checksums and move that to the deployment part...This means to remove the configuration for checksum generation (plus the code) in the maven-artifact-transfer component and furthermore changes in the maven-install-plugin.

But I came across a thing which I don't understand at the moment...

If I dive into the code of maven-artifact-transfer I found something like this (this is originally transfered from maven-install-plugin):

        Artifact artifact = project.getArtifact();
        String packaging = project.getPackaging();
        File pomFile = project.getFile();

        List<Artifact> attachedArtifacts = project.getAttachedArtifacts();

        // TODO: push into transformation
        boolean isPomArtifact = "pom".equals( packaging );

        ProjectArtifactMetadata metadata;

        if ( updateReleaseInfo )
            artifact.setRelease( true );

in particular the last part...setting artifact.setRelease(true) which If i correctly understand is simply wrong, cause that would set the information of the artifact being a release and not a SNAPSHOT ...

Taken also a look into maven-install-plugin which has a property:

    @Parameter( property = "updateReleaseInfo", defaultValue = "false" )
    protected boolean updateReleaseInfo;

which from my point of view does not make sense cause an release identified by not ending with "-SNAPSHOT" of the version....

So this means to me that this code can be / or better must be removed ?

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

[1]: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MINSTALL-134

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