On Sat, 05 Aug 2017 22:05:22 +0200, Karl Heinz Marbaise <khmarba...@gmx.de> wrote:

Hi Robert,

On 04/08/17 10:55, Robert Scholte wrote:
Hi Karl Heinz,
this can happen when the plugin configuration contains a fixed value for arguments, i.e
If you want arguments to be extended via commandline argument, you need to do this:
 <arguments>-Dkey=value ${arguments}</arguments>
   <arguments/> <!-- default empty -->

Thanks for your explanations...

So that means the configuration for the maven-release-plugin must be done before to support expanding the arguments like I expected..

So on the other hand the maven-release-plugin documentation for the arguments property:

say only: "Additional arguments to pass to the Maven executions, separated by spaces.".

So I have expected to simply set the arguments property and the additional parameters would have been added to the Maven invocation..

So this looks like a documentation issue from my point of view...what do you think ?

This has nothing to do with the maven-release-plugin, this is how parameter resolution works in general.
I think you've been fooled by plexus-utils release compared to asf, see:



Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

On Thu, 03 Aug 2017 19:57:10 +0200, Karl Heinz Marbaise <khmarba...@gmx.de> wrote:


I have tried to make a release of the plexus-utils and was faced with a problem...which I currently don't understand...

I have started the release with:

mvn -Darguments='-Dgpg.keyname=kama' release:prepare release:perform

So I thought the gpg.keyname property will be given to the called maven process which will run the part in prepare...but based on my tests it looks like it is not the case...cause the given "arguments" not transfered or added to the Maven sub process...(Ok I though might be caused by an older maven-release-plugin so I tested the same with the newest 2.5.3 but the result keeps the same)..

Has someone being faced with the same situation or Am I doing something wrong / Or misunderstand a thing here?

A work a round at the moment is to use:

mvn -DpreparationGoals='-Dgpg.keyname=kama clean verify' release:prepare release:perform

instead...but from my point of view this does not feel right...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

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