Document what you think the policy should be and we'll go from there.

My (current) preferred policy is:

    There is no automatic deployment of snapshots. Developers can manually
publish snapshots on an as needed basis and if they require downstream
builds to pick those up then they need to configure the downstream jobs
with the explicit timestamped snapshot version.

The above, IMHO, leads to the least amount of confusion as to why specific
builds are failing, but it does not provide as nice a user experience as I
would like.

Ideally I would like each branch name to be able to pull the latest
snapshots from matching branch names of other repositories in the org
folder where the artifacts were captured by Jenkins in the "verify" phase
or by using a different "deploy" plugin. That would enable the CI server to
manage the lifetime of those artifacts and trigger cross-repository
dependencies. The end developers would not see these CI only artifacts, and
would have to build and install locally. This has the advantage that your
local build always uses what you locally installed... you don't have to
worry about starting the next day and doing `mvn clean install` on the repo
you were trying to debug... going to make a cup of coffee... and coming
back to find stuff not working because you didn't see Maven doing it's "oh
I haven't checked for newer snapshots in 24h, I last checked yesterday
morning... oh look a new snapshot, let's ignore the snapshot that was
installed locally at 4pm yesterday" and replacing your locally installed
snapshot with the latest from the CI server.

But anyway, that is my opinion and rationale. We are a community, my
opinion should not dictate what the community wants to do.

I do feel that we need to write down and document what our policy actually
is before we try and implement it.

On 9 February 2018 at 09:06, Olivier Lamy <> wrote:

> Perso I don't want anything else than master deployed..
> wip feature branch doesn't make really sense to be deployed.
> and makes our life easier :-)
> On 9 February 2018 at 07:40, Stephen Connolly <
>> wrote:
> > I personally think there are a lot of issues with CI automatically
> > deploying snapshots...
> >
> > Some of these issues a social, and some are not.
> >
> > Hervé, Olivier,
> >
> > I suggest we start by writing down the policy you think you want... i’ll
> > poke holes, you fix or ack until we get a good compromise... then we can
> > implement.
> >
> > Policy should cover:
> > * what to do on different branches
> > * who is responsible for snapshots and non snapshots
> >
> > Eg
> >
> > CI will auto deploy snapshots only on the master branch. Other branches
> > manually with the version changed to include branch name as a qualifier.
> > Releases will be deployed manually, ideally from the master branch only.
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