for the site menü I'd like to suggest an option for links to open pages in a 
new window. html: target blank.
this is quit usful for javsdoc cobertura etc.


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From: Hervé BOUTEMY <>
Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2018 11:12:13 AM
To: Maven Developers List
Subject: Maven site menu rework


As you may have noticed, I reworked the Maven site's menu quite a lot to
improve users navigation (without changing any content: just menu).

For example:

I also simplified first menu under a "Use" umbrella

And added "Download" and "Get Sources" link on top bar of each page.
I think these links could be improved through having nice icons, but I could
not do it myself...

Then there is INFRA-16088 Jira issue to build and deploy the main site from
Jenkins instead of CMS, which will prepare site source migration to Git: the
edit button that links to GitHub will then really be the way for users to
propose modifications.

Is there any other idea?
Does anybody find other menu improvements, to better organize links to some
documentations that are currently too hard to find?



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