Hello all,

I need to use my office proxy to access two repositories:

- The central repository on Ibibio using the http protocol.
- An enterprise internal repository located in an other country, using
the https protocol.

I submitted a patch on wagon
(http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/WAGONHTTP-6) for it to use the proxy
for the https protocol.

I still have a problem:
- In the settings file, I can specify one protocol by proxy, so I have
to specify one proxy for each protocol. Like this:

- This configuration is transferred from the Settings object to the
DefaultWagonManager object by the DefaultMaven object. But this object
transfers only the first active proxy which is retrieved by the
getActiveProxy method of the Settings object.

- In my case, only one proxy (the first one) will be added to the
DefaultWagonManager and my https request won't be send to the proxy

I see two solutions:
- Keeping only one active proxy and add a way to specify multiple
protocols by proxy.
- Modify the Settings and DefaultMaven objects to add one active proxy
server by protocol.

What do you think of this? If you choose one of theses solutions, I
can post the patch.


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