We need proxy to access Google in China mainland. But I guess this won't be
a problem for us since there are many tools can help to cross the
GreatFireWall :)

Best regards!
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Date:   2016-09-20 上午 10:48
Subject:        Re: 中国的Mesos爱好者们,关于今年在杭州的MesosCon大会

Specifically, we want to make sure that everyone will be able to access the
forms if we put them on Google forms/docs.

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 7:04 PM Hechen Gao <hechen....@autodesk.com> wrote:
  Hey David,

  I would love to contribute to your survey about the MesosCon, please
  count me in.

  Best regards,
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        在 2016年9月20日 上午8:22,David Greenberg <dsg123456...@gmail.com>


              David Greenberg, co-chair of MesosCon 敬上

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