Is support of external containerizer removed from Mesos? Also, i have developed 
some isolators that i would like to use with Mesos. I found 3 ways to do that 
but i don't know what is the proper way and what are the advantages and 
disadvantages in each case. 

The 1st one is as a Mesos module

The 2nd one is a custom executor

The 3rd one is the container image on agent. 

What i am trying to do is to isolate docker tasks (images - one task per docker 
container) that run under the same agent with my own isolators.

What are the benefits of running agent in a big docker container and inside 
small docker containers as tasks?  If you don't run the agent under a big 
docker container  then by default is running under Mesos container while inside 
are running small docker containers with tasks? (Assume
that we don't run tasks under mesos container)

Thank you and sorry for the so many questions!

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