Hi Everyone,

Mesosphere is refactoring the user interface for our CI infrastructure, and
in the meantime, we need to temporarily close off public access to CI build
logs and the ability for community contributors to trigger builds. DC/OS
and Marathon contributors might see changes to their permissions. Mesos
contributors should be unaffected.

You will still be able to see high-level CI status in GitHub, and engage
with committers on pull requests and through all the normal communication
channels (Slack, email, Jira, etc.). If you need additional detail about
your CI results, don't hesitate to ask a Mesosphere shepherd for more
complete logs. If you aren't sure who to contact or are having trouble
getting access to the information you need, please email me or reach out on
Slack <https://chat.dcos.io/> (@judith.mesosphere); I'm glad to connect you
with someone who can help.

Building the new public CI interface is expected to take at least a few
months. You will probably need to request an account to access your full CI
logs in the new system. We will send out updates as we make progress, but
in the meantime, please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

All the best!


Judith Malnick
Community Manager

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