Fellow Mesos Community Members,

Many of you have probably seen the announcement for Mesosphere Advance, a
conference co-located at CloudNativeCon. Given the deep involvement that
Mesosphere has had with past MesosCons, this has left many of you asking us
if Mesosphere Advance replaces MesosCon.

No, it does not. Mesosphere Advance is the evolution of DC/OS Day which was
previously co-located with MesosCon and is focused on DC/OS and its
ecosystem. Having said that, Mesos is a big part of the DC/OS ecosystem and
we’ll be featuring Mesos and Mesos related projects prominently at
Mesosphere Advance. We’d love for you and your teams to consider submitting
talk there! Check out
https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/europe18-mesosphereadvance for more info.

So, where does that leave MesosCon? In the past Mesosphere has almost
exclusively managed the organization of MesosCon and going forward we want
it to be more community organized. To that end, we–a group of Mesos users
and developers (including Mesosphere)–are currently in the process of
organizing a MesosCon event and we should have an update soon, so please
stay tuned.

If you have questions, suggestions, or want to get involved in the planning
process, feel free to reach out to us personally!

Ben (PMC Chair) & Joerg (MesosCon Chair)

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