Hi folks,

I'd like to restart the discussion around the future of the Mesos project.
In my previous email, I collected some feature requests for Mesos (more are

   1. HPC
   2. NUMA support.
   3. IPv6 support.
   4. Complete CSI support.
   5. Decouple Apache ZooKeeper.
   6. Making Mesos easier to deploy.
   7. Making Mesos UI fully functional (it's kind of read-only currently)

The last Mesos release (1.11.0) was done around 6 months ago, if we want to
do a new release, IMO, just some small improvements on the existing
features or internal refactors are not enough, we may need to release
something new to indicate this project will be head to a new direction so
that we can possibly reactivate this project and attract more people in the

I feel that we should not position Mesos as a generic container
orchestrator, instead we should find a specific scenario for it, maybe HPC
is a good direction? But we definitely need more concrete ideas for it.

Please feel free to add any comments/suggestions, thanks!

Qian Zhang

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