On Wed, Sep 1, 2021, 20:56 Renán Del Valle <re...@apache.org> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> The packaging repo https://github.com/mesosphere/mesos-deb-packaging is
> no longer maintained by D2iQ and could use a new maintainer and/or home.
> Since D2iQ is pretty much out of the picture, it'd probably be ideal to
> create a fork at https://github.com/mesos/ in order to add patches here
> and there to keep it compatible and up to date with newer distros.
> If some can make this happen, I'd like to volunteer to maintain it for now.

Thanks Renán, that would be great!

Qian, do you know who owns https://github.com/orgs/mesos/ ?
Looking at the members I can see some overlap with PMC members, but since
it's not related to Apache I'm not sure who runs it.

Alternatively we could host it with the ASF but I think that simply hosting
on github is simpler and lower-overhead.


> -Renán

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