Still using Mesos - it's stable, boring - in a good way - and great for our
specific use case.

I'm a committer, happy to continue reviewing and merging small changes or
address security issues.


On Mon, Nov 13, 2023, 13:34 Andreas Peters <> wrote:

> I'm still with Mesos and can do what I done the last years. Keep an eye at
> issues and give support via Slack and Jira.
> Am 13.11.23 um 13:51 schrieb Shane Curcuru:
> As a mature and successful project, Mesos hasn't seen much new development
> in the past couple of years.  The question now for everyone on these lists
> is:
> - Is Mesos still a maintained project, where even if no new features are
> developed, there's at least a group to respond to security issues and make
> new releases?  Or is it time to 'deprecate' Mesos, and move the project as
> a whole to the Apache Attic? [1]
> It feels like there are still plenty of users who rely on Mesos; what we
> need now is for enough people here to step up and volunteer to stick around
> and be available to fix security issues in the future.
> Thanks to Qian for raising this question in March [2], where several
> people did speak up.  I'd like to clarify what the ASF board's requirements
> are for an 'active' Apache project.
> We don't actually need people doing active development on a project.
> What's really needed is at least three PMC members who are monitoring the
> project's lists and issues, and who could be available in the future *if* a
> serious security issue or other major bug were discovered.
> So we're not looking for people with time to do active development - just
> enough reliable volunteers who could monitor for major issues that are
> reported, and make a new release if security fixes are needed.  Does that
> help, and does that make sense?
> We will also be running a Roll Call of the PMC [3] now, so the board can
> understand how many PMC members (who have access to security issue details,
> for example) could still stick around to monitor lists.  Along with that
> roll call, we'll also be reminding the existing PMC that they can vote in
> any existing committers who will also step up and volunteer.
> * What can you do?
> If you are still using Mesos, have enough time to check the mailing
> lists/issue tracker periodically for any security or giant breaking bugs
> (i.e. not small bugs), and might be able to help someday with a fix or
> making a new release of Mesos, then speak up now!  Be sure to say what
> specific kinds of tasks you might be able to take on if they arise.
> Remember: we don't need active development, just some folks making sure
> any security bugs are addressed in the future (if they come up).

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