Hello Core Team

I've just published update 0.0.1 of the C# port prototype on Github (https://github.com/Echopraxium/apache_metamodel_dotnet_core_bud)

It would be very nice if the core team could allocate some time to review the code and give a feedback regarding the viability of this prototype as a candidate subproject of Apache MetaModel. Please find below some metrics which give an idea of the target codebase vs original codebase.

* Metrics :
- 120 java source files ported in C#
  - 29% of the 'core' package of Apache MetaModel (416 java source files)
- 16% of the full code base (748 java source files, including implementation of connectors like 'Jdbc', 'Json', etc...) - 43 'helper' classes (to emulate java classes without a .Net equivalence, these classes are prefixed by 'N', e.g. (e.g. Java's 'Number' class converted to 'NNumber')).

Best Regards
Michel Kern (echopraxium)

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