Can you at least rename your commits to have METRON-1834 prefixing them?
On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 15:19 Michael Miklavcic <>

> I'd like to discuss the best option to merge METRON-1834 into master. I
> want to propose handling this like a feature branch and merging it as-is.
> ---
> I'm sure most folks' initial reaction will be some skepticism akin to "have
> you tried turning it off again," as this was my initial reaction as well.
> It does not seem like this should be difficult. And I'm hoping that this
> may be some esoteric thing on my system, though I believe this is a real
> problem. A rather tedious explanation follows of what I've tried and the
> problems encountered along the way. What seemed like a really simple
> problem instead appears to be a bit much for Git to handle without
> requiring redoing merges and another full round of testing. I'd much prefer
> to avoid that in this instance.
> This PR is ready to be merged into master. It's recent and very close to
> fully up to date in the branch. Latest master merges cleanly. There is an
> attribution to Casey Stella for the base point of this PR that I need to
> include when getting this into master. When I created my branch, I
> collapsed his initial set of commits into a single squashed commit on
> master at the time, and I started to work from there. Over time, I made a
> number of additional commits and merges from master. Now for the issues.
> Originally, my expectation was that I could have 2 commits - the original
> squashed commit from Casey along with all my additional commits (and the
> merges with master) right on top. Nice clean history on master. Turns out,
> this doesn't work as cleanly as expected because a combination of the
> multiple merges and the need to keep the original commit with attribution
> to Casey's work. A normal git pull --squash works fine, as expected, but we
> lose the base commit, and therefore the requisite attribution. Here are
> some other things I've tried, to no avail.
>    1. Git pull --squash after a merge with master. This will squash the
>    entire tree back to the branch point. No good.
>    2. Git rebase -i master. Allows you to cleanly apply changes, but then
>    it ends up having problems with a clean rebase and shows conflicts. I
>    expect this is because of the merge history being necessary.
>    3. Checking out a branch from the base point squashed commit from Casey,
>    and attempt to apply my changes on top. Numerous methods for
>    squashing/rebasing my changes on top applies nicely in the branch. But
> then
>    it once again causes merge conflicts when I attempt to get this onto
>    master. Things I attempted include: manually copying files, rebasing
> all my
>    commits plus merges on top of the base commit, git merge --squash,
>    intimidation.
> For one example of the result I'm talking about, this looks "good" but it's
> missing a ton of recent commits because they get caught up in the rebase
> and get squashed in with my commit. When you attempt to merge this onto
> master, it is just plain wrong (see example below with merge conflicts).
> * 22c3b3bc 2018-11-15 | METRON-1834: Migrate Elasticsearch from
> TransportClient to new Java REST API (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes
> apache/metron#1242 (HEAD -> stella-es-base2) [mmiklavc]
> * 84232e90 2018-10-08 | METRON-1834: Elasticsearch rest client migration
> base work starting point for apache/metron#1242 (cstella via mmiklavc)
> [cstella]
> * 5bfc08c5 2018-10-08 | METRON-1792 Simplify Profile Definitions in
> Integration Tests (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1211 [nickwallen]
> Here's 1 merge conflict (say what??)
> CONFLICT (rename/rename): Rename
> "metron-interface/metron-config/src/app/rxjs-operators.ts"->"metron-platform/metron-parsers/src/main/java/org/apache/metron/parsers/"
> in branch "HEAD" rename
> "metron-interface/metron-config/src/app/rxjs-operators.ts"->"metron-platform/metron-elasticsearch/src/main/java/org/apache/metron/elasticsearch/utils/"
> in "stella-es-base2"
> If I attempt to use rebase on master instead of merge, it really seems to
> mess up the files. Again, another example where I have TODO's that are most
> definitely removed by a commit in my branch and also do not exist in
> master. I'm not sure what's happening here, but I don't trust it.
>     {
>       //TODO: It shouldn't require an assertEventually() here as it should
> be synchronous.
>       // Before merging, please figure out why.
>       TestUtils.assertEventually(() -> Assert.assertEquals(14,
> dao.getColumnMetadata(Collections.singletonList("snort")).size()));
>       Map<String, FieldType> fieldTypes =
> dao.getColumnMetadata(Collections.singletonList("snort"));
> <<<<<<< HEAD
>       Assert.assertEquals(32, fieldTypes.size());
>       Assert.assertEquals(FieldType.KEYWORD,
> fieldTypes.get("sig_generator"));
> =======
>       Assert.assertEquals(FieldType.INTEGER,
> fieldTypes.get("snort_field"));
> >>>>>>> METRON-1834: Elasticsearch rest client migration base work starting
> point for apache/metron#1242 (cstella via mmiklavc)

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