Hey all,

I wanted to bring a bit of attention to a change and its effects before I
push to master.

PR#1341 <https://github.com/apache/metron/pull/1341> Removes all uses of
the default charset (which is platform dependent) and moves everything to
UTF-8. This PR currently has a +1, but obviously any new input is more than

Going forward, it will be a compiler error to use the default charset (e.g.
getBytes without StandardCharsets.UTF_8, or using APIs that don't allow an
encoding to be passed. I want to call attention to the fact that existing
PRs may break after this merge.

Post merging this PR, I would send another email to the list (and Slack and
so on), to note that existing PRs should merge in master (or at least
determine if they need to).

Does anyone have any objections or concerns? Should I be more proactive
about a heads up on PRs, or are we okay with what I'm proposing?

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