Along the lines of:
• Must be deployed to a machine with adequate resources so that resource
contention is avoided.
• Will need network access to all other services within Metron

Has there been any consideration of a "Metron Manager" node?  In the old TP2
bare metal install guide
it mentions a "Metron Installer," but I could see the needs for that sort
of a system expanding to have the following roles:
- Metron UI
- Metron Installer/upgrades
- Edge/Gateway Node for data loading
- Clients

Also, at the end it ends mid-sentence under "Organization within Metron,"
was that intended to be open ended?


On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 6:10 PM Ryan Merriman <> wrote:

> I created a Jira to track this new feature at
>  I also started and
> attached an architecture doc to that Jira with some of my ideas about how
> we should implement it.  Please feel free to review and comment or add to
> it.  Looking forward to everyone's ideas and feedback.
> Ryan Merriman


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