I've prepared a candidate for SSHD 1.3.0 release at

Please review and vote.

** Bug
    * [SSHD-605] - VirtualFileSystemFactory allows escaping from root
    * [SSHD-651] - Add an option to specify read/write Nio2 socket timeouts
    * [SSHD-663] - Wrong if criteria in
    * [SSHD-667] - RootedFileSystemProvider throws
ProviderMismatchException when calling newByteChannel
    * [SSHD-668] - AccessControlException running under OSGi container
    * [SSHD-671] - Internal hang (timeout) using ScpClient.upload()
    * [SSHD-673] - "sendKexInit() no resolved signatures available" with
key-type "EC"
    * [SSHD-692] - Cannot repeatedly call
    * [SSHD-695] - Client - support receiving of banner prior to auth()

** Improvement
    * [SSHD-664] - Provide ReadOnly option in RootedFileSystemProvider
    * [SSHD-665] - allow disable some features in SftpSubsystem (sshd-core)
    * [SSHD-674] - Update minimum required Java version to 1.8
    * [SSHD-675] - Provide default implementations for overloaded
configuration methods on Client/ServerFactoryManager interfaces
    * [SSHD-676] - Provide command line option for specifying client/server
key file(s)
    * [SSHD-677] - Provide a quick default implementation for executing a
single simple command that does not require any input
    * [SSHD-679] - Support (or ignore) IUTF8 terminal mode (42)
    * [SSHD-680] - Provide default implementations for
ClientAuthenticationManager#getSetUserAuthFactories overloading with strings
    * [SSHD-681] - Provide default implementations for
ServerAuthenticationManager#getSetUserAuthFactories overloading with strings
    * [SSHD-682] - Provide PortForwardingEventListener support
    * [SSHD-683] - Provide an auto-closeable implementation for
establishing and tearing down local/remote port forwards
    * [SSHD-684] - Move checkstyle definitions to external file so it can
be imported by the IDE
    * [SSHD-686] - Provide configurable option to auto-generate welcome
banner consisting of the server's keys random art values
    * [SSHD-687] - Provide indication of the negotiated options before
processing them
    * [SSHD-688] - Attempt to send the welcome banner sooner in the
authentication protocol
    * [SSHD-689] - Allow providing a file as a welcome banner configuration
    * [SSHD-690] - Use by default the standard file(s) for SSH server
welcome banner
    * [SSHD-691] - Attempt to create server instance only once per test as
much as possible
    * [SSHD-694] - Provide README.md file(s) with useful code snippets
    * [SSHD-696] - Allow loading the server's welcome banner from a URL
    * [SSHD-697] - Add read/write methods to SftpClient that enable
read/write starting from some offset
    * [SSHD-699] - Server receiving 0-length SSH_MSG_IGNORE causes Buffer
Underflow exception

** New Feature
    * [SSHD-685] - Provide support for VisualHostKey (a.k.a. randomArt)

** Task
    * [SSHD-698] - Code cleanup for JDK8

Guillaume Nodet

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