Le 19/02/2018 à 16:47, Jonathan Valliere a écrit :
> Any interest in adding support for a linter to automatically check for
> formatting / quality issues and formatting the code to enforce consistent
> style across the entire codebase?

I would add twi things :

- months ago, I ran the code against Java 8 with the javadoc linter. I
spent days fixing all the missing Javadoc and incorrect ones. The
javadoc linter is on by default now on. It's possible to disbale it,
there is a commented property in the pom.xml file :

    <!-- Make Java 8 javadoc lint to shut the f*** up... -->
    <!-- additionalparam>-Xdoclint:none</additionalparam -->

- Checkstyle is pretty good at verifying the code format. We don't
currently use it in MINA, but would we want to set it up, I'll suggest
we mimic what we did in teh Apache Directory project, where it's on by
default. It's based on a checkstyle configuration, and a plugin :



with :


That works pretty well.

Emmanuel Lecharny


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