I've raised https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SSHD-815 and attached a
PR to it.
There may be room for improvement on the sftp client api to make things a
bit easier.
Right now, a user would have to do:

   SftpClient client =

whereas before the split, it would have been:

   SftpClient client = session.createSftpClient()

Obviously, there's no backward compatible solution but it could be made
even easier maybe:

   SftpClient client = SftpClient.createSftpClient(session)

Also, the default SftpClientFatory could be loaded through the
ServiceLoader, that could make things easily pluggable at minimal cost.


2018-04-12 22:57 GMT+02:00 Guillaume Nodet <gno...@gmail.com>:

> It seems to me that the SFTP support in SSHD becomes quite big.
> With the work envisioned to make it asynchronous, I think it should be in
> its own maven module, outside sshd-core.
> While the SFTP specific API and implementation is quite easy to
> externalize, there is a touch point though because the SSHD client API does
> provide access to the SFTP client API.  This would have to be broken
> somehow, but I plan to investigate and propose a PR to discuss soon...
> Guillaume

Guillaume Nodet

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