tomaswolf commented on issue #468:

   AFAIK dropbear does not have SFTP, so some external SFTP is used. Either 
OpenSSH, or some other implementation. Do you have more information on that 
   Since it occurs apparently only with that particular server my first guess 
would be that this is a server problem. Though it is not impossible that it 
might be some bug in Apache MINA SSHD that is triggered only in very specific 
circumstances that just happen to occur only with this server...
   Tweaking parameters or the buffer size should not be necessary; looks to me 
that this tweaking just happens to avoid the precise circumstances that trigger 
this bug, wherever it might be, in your case.
   Absent a reproducer that we could live debug, this would need a full trace 
log, plus information about the file content (at what offsets exactly do 
duplications occur? How long are the duplications? Expected/actual file size?) 
The trace log should have information about all blocks received, and their 
offsets and lengths. But that log might be huge.
   From code inspection I see only one possibility for something like this to 
occur: if the server returns _more_ data than the client requested for a chunk. 
But that should never happen; such a server would violate the SFTP protocol.

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