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   ### Version
   ### Bug description
   Dear apache support team,
   we are switching our communication software from the JSCHED sftp library to 
the apache-mina library.
   We realized that the apache mina library does not reach the performance of 
the JSCHED library.
   I have written a small program to send a 700 MB file using the SFTP protocol.
   This file transfer is about 6 times slower than a file transfer with the 
JSCHED library.
   How can we increase the transfer speed? 
   Are we not using the apache-mina library correctly?
   public static void sendFile() throws IOException {
           SshClient client = SshClient.setUpDefaultClient();
           try (ClientSession session = client.connect("user", "host", 
1022).verify().getClientSession();) {
               SftpClient sftpClient = 
               String largeFile = "c:/temp/largeFile";
               long length = new File(largeFile).length();
               try (FileChannel writeableChannel = 
SftpClient.OpenMode.Truncate, SftpClient.OpenMode.Write);
                       FileChannel readableChannel = FileChannel.open(new 
                               StandardOpenOption.READ)) {
                        readableChannel.transferTo(0, length, writeableChannel);
   ### Actual behavior
   The apache mina library does not reach the performance of other 
   ### Expected behavior
   Is it possible to increase the perfomance?
   ### Relevant log output
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   ### Other information
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