Great work Zach! 
Please reach out to Scala community if you are interested to learn more about 
the nightly build for MXNet Scala.


´╗┐On 1/19/19, 8:54 AM, "Carin Meier" <> wrote:

    Thanks for everyone involved in this effort. This not only is a huge win
    for the Scala community but also for the Clojure community which depends on
    the Scala jar artifact.
    Well done.
    On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 9:58 PM Zach Kimberg <>
    > Hi,
    > A little over a month ago, we announced the nightly build of the Scala
    > package on Nexus [1]. It featured the same statically linked binary build
    > logic used by the Python pip to make the adoption as easy for our JVM 
    > as for our python users. However, that release occurred on a private
    > pipeline using code that was not publicly available.
    > First, I would like to thank Sheng for contributing the pip binary build
    > scripts to the community and making them accessible as part of the MXNet
    > repository [2]. Now, everyone can produce similar published artifacts for
    > their own needs and we can better verify the release production code as
    > part of the Jenkins CI.
    > Using his contribution, we have created a new job on the MXNet Jenkins for
    > publishing artifacts on a nightly basis [3]. In order to ensure the 
    > quality for our releases regardless of user system, it will automatically
    > test the artifacts across other distributions including Ubuntu 16.04,
    > Ubuntu 18.04, and CentOS 7 as part of the deployment.
    > You can find the code for the nightly publish pipeline on the repo [4]. We
    > hope that others can work off of this pipeline to help expand the same
    > static building and thorough testing to additional MXNet packages and
    > language bindings in the future.
    > Special thanks to Qing for his help throughout the project, Sheng for the
    > binary build logic, Marco for his reviews and support working with 
    > Anton for setting up the development Jenkins for us, and Frank and Naveen
    > for work on the Scala maven build and deployment.
    > Zach
    > [1] -;quick~org.apache.mxnet
    > [2] -
    > [3] -
    > [4] -

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