Hello dev folks! I thought I'd let you all know some of the recent
updates related to the website, docs & related features.

MXNet CI and website build pipeline

We had few blips last week from where GitHub was unreachable. The red
block in the trend graph [1] is from the previous week’s subprocess
issue. I see that the general MKL-DNN and subprocess problem is still
not resolved [2]. Please let me know if there's something that should
be clarified in instructions because the error messaging is really not
great, and someone else running into this issue might waste a lot of
time troubleshooting it.

MXNet Website

* Error handling PR merged [3] – the redirects have been updated and I
reimplemented the error pages. They now provide a real 404 and I
imagine we’ll start getting broken link reports now. (So, I’ll be
looking at that this week, plus I will track/scope out and possibly
implement a versions dropdown or cross-versions search for these
* C++ API docs improvement [4]– some functions and features were not
getting documented because op.h is only built when you build MXNet
with the CPP flag. This has been added and you will now be able to see
the docs for this. Note that if you run a docs build, you’ll see a ton
of warnings [5] coming from this file’s Doxygen processing. This needs
some attention. Maybe someone that knows this part of the codebase can
take a look?

MXNet Beta Website

I’m scoping out some of the remaining work to accelerate the
production launch for the beta website [6]. I’ll be looking at this
more this week and would appreciate feedback and suggestions.

MXNet Features

Looks like the lipreading example [7] from @seujung is ready. If you
haven't tried it out yet, take a look. I put the preprocessed training
set on S3 to save you time. (aws s3 sync s3://mxnet-public/lipnet/). I
think a blog post about it would be a nice follow-up to having this
merged. What would be really cool is another example using soccer
footage (ref and/or player exchanges) or other such things with
amusing or interesting outputs. Making it turnkey for people writing
accessibility apps would be great.

[1] Trend graph for website publishing job:
[2] MKL-DNN subprocess issue:
[3] Error handling PR: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/pull/13963
[4] C++ API docs improvement:
[5] Comment about op.h errors:
[6] Beta website: http://beta.mxnet.io
[7] Lipreading example: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/pull/13647

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