Hello MXNet folks!

As I mentioned last week, I'm soliciting feedback on a website
redesign. Some of you may have seen the beta site that Mu has been
working on, which is a big step in the right direction for the
automatically generated API docs. I've posted a wiki article [1] that
proposes how to flesh out the new site with an information
architecture, user flows, and wireframes useful for a design
treatment. I look forward to your feedback - if not here or on the
wiki, let's get a discussion going in Slack. Just ping me there.

As a side note and follow up to fixing the redirects on the website, I
needed to add an artifacts flag in the doc's settings.ini file [2].
This setting is triggered in mxdoc.py and lets you take files needed
for the docs build from master (or your branch) and apply them to old
version branches that you're building for the website. This also
transitions some of logic from the post-processing versions update
step during web publishing.

[1] Website redesign information architecture and wireframe:
[2] Website publish updates:

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