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Training a model in Gluon requires users to write the training loop, this is 
useful because of its imperative nature, however repeating the same code across 
multiple models can become tedious and repetitive with boilerplate code. The 
training loop can also be overwhelming to some users new to deep learning. 
Users have asked in [1] for a simple Fit API, similar to APIs available in 
SKLearn and Keras as a way to simplify model training and reduce boilerplate 
code and complexity. 

So, I along with other contributor Naveen and Lai came up with a fit API 
proposal in [2] that covers 80% of the use-cases for beginners, the fit API 
does not replace the gluon training loops. The API proposal is inspired by the 
Keras fit API. I have discussed and got feedback from a few MXNet contributors 
(Sheng, Mu, Aston, Zhi) close by and I am writing to ask for the community’s 
feedback on the API proposal.

 [1] https://discuss.mxnet.io/t/wrapping-gluon-into-scikit-learn-like-api/2112


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