I am in favor of using CMake. And I personally think CMake is not something
that has to be introduced in a 2.0. It can simply be part of a minor


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> Hello MXNet devs,
> I'd like to start a thread discussing what our build system should look
> like in MXNet 2.0.  I'd propose that although the current make system has
> served us well in the past, we remove it along with the bump to 2.0.  The
> end goal I'd like to see is that we have a clean build system, without a
> bunch of conditional logic that makes contributing and testing MXNet a
> simpler process.  Additionally I'd propose we target a minimum cmake
> version of 3.7 for reasons described below.
> First I'd like to give some context on why I'd propose we don't just switch
> to cmake, but we also target a relatively new version (version 3.7 from
> Nov, 2016) of cmake.  The largest benefits in making this change would
> apply to CUDA builds where cmake itself has quite inconsistent
> functionality between versions.  One persistent annoyance I've had with
> cmake is that we've had conditional logic for the FindCUDA command which at
> one point targeted some modern cmake features, but then in subsequent
> versions of cmake the way these features works was tweaked, and now I find
> these cmake features are consistently broken to the point that I require a
> bunch of -D defines to compile properly or to use an IDE.  An additional
> CUDA related issue is that every time there's a new SM added to NVCC we
> have to make a few source changes to support it.  I could see this being
> problematic for users who may suddenly realize that due to their
> compilation settings, they may not actually be enabling the features they
> think they are with their shiny new GPUs.
> As an alternative if we, for example, target cmake 3.7 at a minimum, and we
> want to find cuda and then build a list of reasonable PTX/BINS we could use
> the following command[1]:
> ----
> FindCUDA(...)
> ...
> ----
> Simple, concise, and it would help to make the building experience more
> consistent across platforms, build environments and IDEs (looking at you
> CLion).  We'd of course need to do a little experimentation work to make
> sure that this does indeed work as intended, and can replace the currently
> complex findCuda logic we have in our build systems, but for the sake of
> the proposal let's assume these cmake commands do indeed work consistently
> as documented from cmake 3.7 onwards.
> To give users a chance to update their tooling I'd also suggest we begin
> warning users at least a release in advance that make based builds will be
> deprecated in MXNet 2.0 so they can begin migrating to cmake.  I'd also
> want to display deprecation messages for unused cmake flags (such as the
> profiler flag) for a release before the 2.0 release, and then remove them
> in 2.0.
> Of course not all users have cmake 3.7 on their systems, some of our
> employers force use to use ridiculously outdated linux distributions.  The
> good news for these users is that if we can offer Docker compilation with
> an image that has a supported version of cmake and we should be able to
> build a portable binary that work even with very old distributions of
> Linux.  Additionally installing cmake from source is also fairly
> straightforward [2] and works quite well on older distros in my experience.
> Looking forward to hearing what others think.  Any preferred build systems
> that you all would want to use?  Is cmake the right system to centralize
> on?  If so, is version 3.7 a reasonable minimum version to target?  Is the
> 2.0 release a good point at which we can think about simplifying build
> logic?
> 1: https://cmake.org/cmake/help/v3.7/module/FindCUDA.html
> 2: https://github.com/Kitware/CMake

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