the most wanted feature which our coders want is more consistent and
human-readable error reporting and logging. Here is a example:

If user specifies f:ajax without eventName for a component without
defaultEventName, myfaces throw a execption:

Now (myfaces 2.0.3):
eventName could not be defined for f:ajax tag with no wrap mode.

Improved (example only; from my copy of myfaces):

MF0345: Your ajax tag does not specify eventName and component
com.foo.Bazz does not provide the default one. Please use one from
available: [change, blur, focus ...]"; 

Tag location: XYZ.xhtml line 56 column 23, <f:ajax  ..... />

Component: id: componentId,  class: com.foo.BazzInput, component type:

ViewId: YYZ.xhml, located in file system
as: /tmp/deploy/weabpp/XYZ.xhtml


Details: ... a detailed description of this problem + suggestions,
example of code.

#  Click for problem MF0345 in MYFACES knowledge database (hypertext
# Contact your technology team : m...@to.me
# If you think this a bug report it: jira.project.org

What do you think about this idea?

(I'll describe our requirements and what I found so far in next emails)



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