I'll work to get that additional information.

Also will look into using SharedStringBuilder.

Thanks for the feedback.



From:   Thomas Andraschko <andraschko.tho...@gmail.com>
To:     MyFaces Development <dev@myfaces.apache.org>
Date:   07/12/2018 03:35 AM
Subject:        Re: MYFACES-4244 Discussion

The SharedStringBuilder is only shared in the current request, so thats not
a poblem.
Take for example the #writeAttribute or #encodeAndWriteAttribute. I added a
counter in #writeAttribute and even for a very small few, it's called about
2000 times.
If you would also count the other instances, i'm sure there will be over
20.000 StringBuilder instances on normal views.

See: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MYFACES-3130

I think we should check the "writer chain", whats exactly slow.
The response should actually be buffered (javax.faces.FACELETS_BUFFER_SIZE
) and there should NOT be a big difference.

For me a -1 without SharedStringBuilder and a -0.5 with SharedStringBuilder
for now.
We need to check the exact reason whats slow and also check the performance
difference. Could you provide some numbers before and after this change

I would also like to wait for other input from Leo or Gerhard.

2018-07-11 21:42 GMT+02:00 Paul Nicolucci <pnico...@us.ibm.com>:
  Hello all,

  I've made some performance improvements to MyFaces here:

  I've put together a Pull Request here with the changes:

  I know that Thomas had some concerns with using a StringBuilder here and
  I think I've addressed those concerns in the description of the JIRA

  Doing some profiling of an application with some JSF in it we saw
  performance improvements with these changes and as a result I wanted to
  commit them.

  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



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