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> Hi Mynewt Team,
>         I have been going through and testing the BLEMESH sample app.
>         Turning on only one device, which does not have BLE_MESH_GATT_PROXY & 
> BLE_MESH_PB_GATT flag, still allows the Silicon Labs application to scan and 
> connect to it.
>         Correct me if am wrong, but I thought only those devices with 
> BLE_MESH_PB_GATT should be scannable / connectable by the Silicon Labs app.
>         Am I missing something ?
>         For reference am using the master branch.

Did you disable GATT PB and proxy flags in your target settings? If
not then these are enabled by default in Mesh package so blemesh will
work with app from Silicon Labs.

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> Aditya Xavier

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