My thoughts:

1. Since the 1.4 release is coming up very quickly I would do this for 1.5 
2. I would choose 2a.
3. Seems a bit confusing to me to label nimBLE releases with same number as 
Mynewt releases. Why not just make the first stable release of nimBLE 1.0? Not 
a big deal either way but since they are going to diverge eventually.

> On Feb 22, 2018, at 1:01 AM, Andrzej Kaczmarek 
> <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As some of you may already noticed, there is apache/mynewt-nimble
> repository created where NimBLE code was pushed along with some extra
> changes, most notably initial attempt to create port of NimBLE for
> FreeRTOS, but other platforms will be supported as well (native Linux port
> is also prepared).
> The problem is that this repo is now not synced with apache/mynewt-core and
> having two repositories with the same code is troublesome so we'd like to
> end development of NimBLE code in core repository and move it entirely to
> nimble repository. There are three open points on how this should be done:
> 1. When to do this switch? Before 1.4 release or after it?
> 2. How to deal with NimBLE in core repository?
> 3. How to manage NimBLE releases?
> My proposals are as follows:
> 2a. Remove NimBLE code from mynewt-core repository leaving only packages
> with dependencies to mynewt-nimble repository. The process of upgrading to
> new version should be as easy as doing 'newt upgrade' to fetch newt
> repository, assuming there are no local changes to NimBLE code. This is
> preferred option.
> 2b. Leave NimBLE code at its current state in mynewt-core and use it by
> default for next release, with option to use mynewt-nimble instead. This is
> safe option and can be also applied before 1.4 release.
> 3. NimBLE has its own releases, depending on needs, and Mynewt will use
> latest stable release of NimBLE at all time. First release of NimBLE will
> be synced with Mynewt release, I guess we can call it the same as Mynewt
> release and then start independent releases with 2.0. For those who would
> like to use latest NimBLE, of course it would be just a matter of switching
> repository version manually.
> Any thoughts on this?
> Best regards,
> Andrzej

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