My vote would be to  remove it to push people to production parts and kits.

Le vendredi 23 septembre 2016, will sanfilippo <> a écrit :

> Hello:
> The first dev kits produced by nordic which used the nrf52 were called
> Preview Development Kits. They have a PCA of 10036 on them (the large white
> label on the debugger chip contains the PCA). Just as an FYI:
> PCA 10028: nrf51DK
> PCA 10036: nrf52PDK *** Preview Dev Kit ***
> PCA 10040: nrf52DK
> The reason I am asking is that I think support for this development kit
> should be dropped. That version of the chip had many issues and keeping
> support for it seems to be a waste of time.
> Do folks have any objections?

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