I had a bear of a time getting the watchdog working on the arduino zero. I 
decided to use the low power oscillator and from what I can tell it is not 
calibrated and the rate at which it counts is very, very off. Basically, I had 
to nearly double the expected watchdog timeout to make it work.

I am not sure the best way to commit this code. I think the right approach is 
to allow the user to configure the clock source but the tricky part is the 
“scaling” factor that the code should use if the source is not calibrated. 
Basically, I dont know how to determine how accurate (or inaccurate in this 
case!) the clock source really is.

Another option is to not scale the rate at all in the code and the user simply 
needs to configure the correct time delta between the sanity interval and the 
watchdog interval.

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

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