I’ve added C++ support to Newt in the “develop” branch.

In order to use C++ with newt, the compiler definition files have a new entry which is:

compiler.path.cpp: arm-none-eabi-g++ -x c++

And newt will search every package for files that end with *.cpp, *.cxx, and *.cc. I decided not to compile *.C, because I think the case insensitivity is a good enough reason not to :-)

In order to use the vast majority of C++ standard libraries, you must compile your project without using baselibc, which is not compatible with C++. This will increase code size on your project. By default, we’ve included baselibc as a dependency in most of the BSPs, as it is significantly smaller than newlib. Removing this dependency will remove baselibc, and allow you to natively use the C++ standard libraries.

Note: I’ve added a directive to the linker:

compiler.ld.flags: -static -specs=nosys.specs -lgcc -Wl,--gc-sections

-specs=nosys.specs automatically generates weak symbols for the standard libc stubs (i.e. _close, _exit, etc.)

In the case of compiling with newlib, _exit was not being resolved from libc_stubs.c in the BSP. I believe this has to do with link stage, and adding -specs=nosys.specs does the right thing: but I have not tested this.

In general, we should probably look to trim down libc_stubs.c. With this new compiler option, I can completely eliminate this file on the NRF52DK BSP. Ironically, _exit is the only libc stub we actually override with anything useful :-) But I’d be interested in folks thoughts here, perhaps we want to keep libc_stubs around for when we support other compilers.


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