me and Paul brought in constrained iotivity stack few months back
to Mynewt, and I probably should send an update what’s going on.

I’ve been working on getting it more fully integrated. My first
goal is to get the code size/RAM usage down.

To cut down code size I’m converting it to use MyNewt’s memory pools,
timers, and event queues. By default we also left quite a bit logging
turned on, so I’ll make that optional (inclusion controlled by syscfg
To cut down RAM use I’m going to convert it to use os_mbuf for
data packets. This will probably make code size slightly larger,
but allows me to share the memory pool with bluetooth stack.

My end goal is to have OIC running over bluetooth in a way which
allows us to connect to apps written using iotivity’s framework
https://github.com/iotivity/iotivity <https://github.com/iotivity/iotivity>.

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