Unfortunately boost up Myriad project from this Apache incubation
state is not possible. I'm afraid the only way is the forking of the
project, for me this was the last option (Apache Project is one of the
most awesome open source resources out there).

I've just created a Github organization (I have no special interest in
having the ownership of the organization, but this is a start) [1].

The project is imported with the original Git commit log.
I have frozen the original import git the branch "incubator-myriad-master".
I have moved the website out of the code repo into another
organization repository.
The same for vagrant, a separated repo out of code repository.

The project need a lot of housekeeping, from a technical point of view
and probably for avoiding copyright issues with Apache Foundation,
this is something that we have to study.

I hope in a near future we will have a new opportunity of including in
Apache with a stronger community.

[1] https://github.com/myriad-framework

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